Independent one man games studio. 8 and 16 - bit fanatic


2017-08-25 Making a little something for Android.

2016-06-06 Currently it's a lot going on in my life. We're moving to a new apartment at the end of the summer and a lot is going on at my daytime job right now. At the moment I'm working on Retro Axios ++ when I have spare time. Will show a bit of it when I feel it's ready to show. And no, this game is not for mobiles. Will go nuts with blend modes and neon colors. You will need sunglasses to play it ;-)

2016-03-31 Do not forget to backup your copy of Gladiex and Retro Axios they only remain on The App Store for two more weeks.

2016-02-21 Retro Axios and Gladiex is now available in a bundle "High Score Madness"

2015-12-12 Retro Axios 1.0.2 is on the way including: Small bug fix, HighScore on titlescreen, Increased iPhone 4 performance and Universal app support

2015-12-10 This was not intentional, but oh well Retro Axios is on the App Store

2015-12-07 press and media page for Retro Axios is up

2015-05-09 The name Retro Axios is now reserved at the App Store

2014-12-27 Fly Clarke, Fly! is up on the App Store for iOS


2014-12-21 Get Gladiex for free before the New Year on your iOS device.

2014-11-29 Scheduled to release Gladiex on Windows Phone first quarter of 2015

2014-10-18 The iOS 8 fix for Gladiex is now available.

2014-10-15 The website is finally mobilefriendly and got a press section added. It only took a year.

2014-08-20 Game Center fix for Gladiex is on the way. You should not be asked more than three times if you want to login on Game Center. The fix (Gladiex 1.1.1) will be posted as soon as possible on the App Store after Apple's approval of the code. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

2014-08-18 Removed all my HTML5 games from the website, they might show up again at another time.

2014-07-04 Was on the front page in the Entertainment section of the morning paper Helsingborgs Dagblad today.

And on the inside, OMG! As much coverage as an AAA title!!!

2014-07-01 Finally started development of the next Bifrostpixel game for iOS.

2014-06-19 Gladiex was reviewed on national television in Sweden yesterday. "It's like an explosion from the 70s.." 4/5 -SVT

2014-06-03 Gladiex is up on the app Store for iphone 4+ or iPad 3+

2014-05-18 My first commercial game has been approved for the App Store and will go on sale in the first week of June.

2013-12-17 The first project is started, hope to have it completed in the first or second quarter of next year

2013-07-27 Everyone are warmly welcomed and the website opens