Independent one man games studio. 8 and 16 - bit fanatic


Photo: Ulf Liedström

Bifrostpixel is an example of a small one man hobby indie game studio, located in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Consisting of me, Mikael MIB Barnholdt  I started with the computer hobby in the early 80s. ABC 80 and VIC-20 was the first real contact with computer's and an introduction to BASIC programming. I had no computer myself at the time, we were a couple of young guys who used the school's computer that no one else cared about.

My first home computer was a Yamaha MSX computer, designed for music composing. At that time,  programming of digital synthesizers was a tedious work but not with the Yamaha computer. I quickly got a reputation among the local musicians that I did programming assignments for the Yamaha DX7 and DX5 synthesizer. Later when I got my fist Atari ST, I continued with programming and made some Space Invader replicas etc.

Now more than 20 years later it is time to take up the old hobby again and share with the rest of the world in good old fashioned 8 and 16 bit tradition.

Design philosophy

Old style direct  intense gameplay, easy to understand that can be completed in a single 10 - 30 minutes play when mastered.

Play, enjoy and share for no reason.

- Mikael MIB Barnholdt