Retro Axios


Independent one man games studio. 8 and 16 - bit fanatic

Retro Axios





Based in Helsingborg,



Release date:

10 Dec 2015








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USD  0.99

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Retro Axios a shoot 'em up game just like the ones from the 80's but with neon colors from the 90's in the spirit of Jarvis, DeMar and Minter.


After the release of Gladiex in early summer 2014. Sketching on a new shoot 'em up started. The idea and ambition was to recreate a game with feelings from the 80's in the spirit of Jarvis, DeMar and Minter. It all culminated in Retro Axios. A game with combined vector and bitmap type graphics in cheerful neon colors and bubbling sounds that makes you think back to a time when arcade games borrowed characteristic sounds from the pinball machines. Now one and a half years later it is time for Retro Axios to finally be released on iOS.


  • 80's arcade style
  • Direct and intense gameplay
  • Highscore madness
  • Responsive Control with single finger
  • Retro style graphics and sound
  • No iAD's or  In-App Purchases ever
  • Universal - play on iPhone and iPad!

What people say:

"Retro Axios en stadig hyllning till spel och designideal...." 75 % Spelkult

"Definitely worthwhile for shmup / Minter fans"

"it's 69p and it has old fashioned proper arcade stylings and a Minter vibe with a mix of galaxians, asteroids and space invaders"

"I'm really having fun! It's like all of my favorite games I grew up with all rolled up into one. You can't go wrong here"